Casual Printed Linen Saree Perfect for Monsoons

The messiest time of the year, monsoons or the rainy season poses a major problem when it comes to deciding what to wear. Torrential rains and muddy puddles are what to be wary of when choosing appropriate outfits for going out in the rainy season. This is the opportunity to wear tight-fitting outfits as opposed to loose and flowing silhouettes; something which sticks to the body. Folded jeans, Capri pants, Churidar Suits, Pencil Churidar Suits, leggings, etc would be the excellent rainy season outfits. It is ideal to prevent Sarees during this year, but if you have to wear a Saree for some reason then it should rather be casual printed georgette Saree.

printed linen saree

Since georgette is a Lightweight fabric, it is a lot easier to carry off printed linen saree as compared to Sarees in different fabrics throughout the rainy season. The very advantageous thing about georgette Saree is that it dries up quite readily. Hence, when confronted with a sudden outburst of rain and becoming drenched as a consequence of this, georgette Sarees take just few minutes to dry up considerably thereby not leaving you moist and moist for quite a while. Additionally, being artificial fiber georgette does not leave behind stains to an extent that natural fibers like silk, cotton do? That is precisely why georgette Sarees are perfect when walking on muddy streets and leaping over muddy water puddles.

Attractive printed Georgette Sarees in refreshing colors of aqua, turquoise, lime yellow, etc make monsoons more entertaining. Abstract or wavy prints match this year and appear to blend better instead of the floral prints. Matching blouse with short sleeves or three quarter sleeves could be perfect. Extended or full sleeves should be avoided. If the blouse fabric is rather thin, then stitching the blouse with liner underneath would be better considering the cool and windy weather of monsoons.

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